Testing Hubs Privacy Policy

  1. Overview

    This website values your privacy and has no interest whatever in exploiting your personal information. This website will never sell your personal information. Any personal information collected by this website will be used only to enable this website's functionality, to provide a good user experience for you, and—infrequently—to tell you about product or service offerings from this website or sites under common ownership with it.

  2. Advertising

    This website may display advertisements. Some advertisements may be delivered by third-party ad networks such as Google AdSense. This website displays advertisements in good faith but bears no responsibility for the privacy policies and operating practices of its advertisers.

    Note that Google may serve ads to you based on your visits to this website and other websites. You may review and update your preferences with respect to Google's advertising by visiting Google Policies & Principles — Advertising.

  3. Cookies

    This website may send cookies to your browser. Cookies, as employed by reputable websites like this one, are harmless text files that enable the effective delivery, function, and management of web-based services. If your browser does not allow cookies, certain functionality of this website may fail.

  4. Testing Hubs

    Testing Hubs are created anonymously. Personal information is collected and associated with a Testing Hub only if/when you elect to supply it, usually for the purpose of extending the Testing Hub beyond its default expiration.

    When you send payment to extend a Testing Hub, that transaction is handled securely by PayPal.com and is subject to PayPal's terms and conditions.

    Except for the payment transaction, no aspect of a Testing Hub should be considered altogether secure. Although this site employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and makes a good-faith effort to secure Testing Hubs from unauthorized access, personal or otherwise sensitive information should not be stored in a Testing Hub.

    A Testing Hub consists of a single configuration page and multiple test pages (multiple-choice test, freestyle test, etc.). By default, all pages are freely accessible to anyone who knows or discovers the URLs for them.

    The configuration page may be claimed by an e-mail address and password-protected, and the various test pages may be protected by a set of 'User Access Codes'. These mechanisms deter, but do not necessarily prevent, the general public from accessing the pages of a Testing Hub.

  5. Coupons

    When you purchase coupon codes, that transaction is handld completely securely by PayPal.com and is subject to PaylPal's terms and conditions.

  6. Log Files, Analytics

    This website generates log files and employs analytics tools to monitor and analyze usage of this website. The information collected includes such items as IP address, referrer URL, user agent (browser), etc. This information is impersonal and anonymous. Only in law-enforcement scenarios might this information be used with the intent of identifying you personally.

  7. Disclaimer

    While this website values and protects your privacy, please be aware that hackers, spammers, and other malicious people exist. This website explicitly disclaims any liability for the misdeeds of others. By using this website, you agree to exercise due caution, understanding that your use of this site is at your own risk.