Testing Hubs FAQ

  1. What's a Testing Hub?

    A Testing Hub is:

    • a fast, easy-to-use test maker

      Need to make a printable test quickly? Look no further.

    • a repository for test data

      Store your test data—questions and answers, matching pairs, etc.—in a structured way so you can generate fresh tests on the fly.

    • a host for online tests

      Serves lightweight, fast-loading tests at dedicated URLs or embedded.

    • a powerful randomization engine

      Configure once, enjoy countless test variations.

    • an effective learning tool

      Test your students, test yourself. Teach and learn by testing!

    • a simple, no-nonsense polling platform

      Making online polls and surveys is a breeze with Testing Hubs for Polls.

  2. What kinds of tests can I make with a Testing Hub?

    At present, two test types are supported: multiple-choice and freestyle. But "reversed" forms of these tests—wherein the answers are given as questions—are also available.

  3. What's a Testing Hub for Polls?

    A Testing Hub for Polls is just that—one specially designed to conduct online polls, a.k.a. surveys, consisting of multiple-choice questions.

    If you want to challenge users to supply correct answers to questions, use a regular Testing Hub. If you want to collect information from users or gauge public opinion, create a Testing Hub for Polls.

    NOTE: It's not possible to convert a regular Testing Hub to a Testing Hub for Polls or vice versa. Be sure to create the kind you need.

  4. Is it difficult to configure a Testing Hub?

    Not at all. The configuration page contains plenty of tips, and every Testing Hub comes pre-loaded with sample data. Just follow the examples. You don't need to be a computer expert.

  5. Is there something to download?

    Nope. Testing Hubs are created, configured, and used in your web browser.

  6. Is there a big manual to read or a clunky help database?

    No, but documentation and examples appear throughout the site, just where you need them.

  7. I want to make tests for the different subjects I teach. Can I use a single Testing Hub for multiple kinds of content?

    Each Testing Hub contains a single data repository. Nothing prevents you from including, say, math questions and English questions in the same Testing Hub, but in that case your tests will contain a mixture of math and English questions.

    It's often preferable to use a different Testing Hub for each content area you're making tests for, but it's up to you.

  8. How much does a Testing Hub cost?

    You can create a Testing Hub for FREE and enjoy full access to it until it expires. New Testing Hubs expire 30 days after they're created.

    You can accomplish a lot in a very short time, so don't be too concerned about the time limit, especially if you simply want to make a printable test. Just be advised that your tests and configuration data will not be available after expiration. If you have more test-making or test-taking to do after expiration, you'll have to start fresh with a new Testing Hub.

    Alternatively, you can extend a Testing Hub—that is, you can keep it alive beyond its default expiration—for only ONE PENNY a day!

  9. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    Absolutely. If you extend a Testing Hub and become dissatisfied with it at any point during the term you've paid for, just ask for your money back. As long as you do so before the end of your term, your full payment will be refunded.

  10. If I create multiple Testing Hubs, how can I manage/organize them?

    You will find links to all your Testing Hubs—that is, all Testing Hubs claimed by your e-mail address—on the My Testing Hubs page.

  11. Where can I get coupon codes?

    Coupon codes will be made available from time to time through special promotions, via social media, etc. But you can also buy coupon codes in lots to enjoy volume discounting on Testing Hubs.

    It works like this: You buy a lot of coupon codes and then redeem them one by one, over time, as you create and extend Testing Hubs. Each coupon code represents one one-year extension of one Testing Hub.

    Coupon codes do not expire.

  12. May I use a Testing Hub for commercial purposes?

    Yes, but at your own risk. See our Terms for more information.

  13. How about copyright issues? Who owns the user-supplied information stored in a Testing Hub?

    The user who supplies the information retains the copyright to it but grants TestingHubs.com an unlimited license to host, reproduce, archive, or otherwise manipulate the information in the normal course of operating TestingHubs.com.

    User-supplied information will be deleted from TestingHubs.com at the request of the user who supplied it, but such information may remain in site archives which are not publicly accessible.

  14. What is Steely Fontaine?

    Steely Fontaine Steely Fontaine is the parent entity of TestingHubs.com and other educational resources. All billing for TestingHubs.com is handled by Steely Fontaine through PayPal.

  15. How can I contact the administrators of this website?

    General inquiries, comments, or suggestions may be sent to admin@testinghubs.com. To request a refund for a Testing Hub you've paid for, contact refund@testinghubs.com.