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What's a Testing Hub?

There are many test-making applications to choose from these days. A few of them are quite good: inexpensive (even free), easy to use, and capable of making a decent test.

Often, making one decent test isn't the real objective, though.

Unless your test-making needs are trivially simple, you need a test-making application that can generate countless test variations and deliver them in multiple formats: online, printable, embedded, mobile-friendly. You'll want to store your test content (questions and answers, matching pairs, etc.) in an organized but flexible way, so you can manipulate it efficiently. You may even want to link content from one test, or set of tests, to another.

You need a test maker, yes, but you need something more—a testing engine.

That's where Testing Hubs comes in. When you create and claim a Testing Hub, a virtual "testing machine" will be available to you 24/7 at a password-protected URL.

A Testing Hub is:

  • a fast, easy-to-use test maker

    Makes tests and quizzes: printable, online, embeddable, mobile-friendly.

  • a repository for test data

    Store your test data—questions and answers, matching pairs, etc.—in a structured way so you can generate fresh tests on the fly.

  • a host for online tests

    Serves lightweight, fast-loading tests at dedicated URLs or embedded.

  • a powerful randomization engine

    Configure once, enjoy countless test variations.

  • an effective learning tool

    Test your students, test yourself. Teach and learn by testing!

  • a simple, no-nonsense polling platform

    Making online polls and surveys is a breeze with Testing Hubs for Polls.


Make your own tests and polls like the samples!

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